Your bill, your choice

We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers. That includes giving you as much control as we can about how and when you’d like to receive your bill and how you’d like to pay.

  • On all of our plans you can choose to have your bill sent by email or delivered by post.
  • Lots of people like the no-hassle approach of having direct debit with us, so we don’t charge any debit, credit, or AMEX card fees.
  • On some of our plans you can choose between monthly or quarterly billing cycles.

You can choose what you’d like now, or at any time in the future and you’re not locked in – so if you wanted to try e-billing or direct debit and decide it’s not right for you, changing back is simple – just contact us.

Understanding your bill – September 2023

We have a new bill design that is simple to understand and easy to compare.

bill explainer – electricity bill explainer – gas

Understanding your bill – legacy layout

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and that also means our bills.

Quarterly Bill – Concessions Quarterly Bill

Pay online now

Have your bill and credit card details handy? Pay online now with no debit, credit, or AMEX fees.

Pay now

Ways to pay

We’re always looking for new ways to make payments easier for you. At the moment we have over half a dozen ways available to pay your bill.

Online. If you’ve got a bill you want to pay now, you can pay here with no fees.
Phone. Call 131 806 to pay using our automated service with your VISA, AMEX or Mastercard. We don’t charge any debit, credit, or AMEX card fees.
BPAY Each bill contains information about how to pay using BPAY with no fees.
Centrepay. To arrange a regular payment through Centrelink please call one of our 100% Australian based customer consultants on 131 806.
Mail. Please make your cheque payable to Red Energy Pty Ltd, GPO Box 5450, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.
In Person. You can pay in person at Australia Post Offices by cash, EFTPOS or cheque.

Take control of your energy bills with EvenPay®

EvenPay® is a convenient payment plan, that allows you to spread the cost of your energy bills using direct debit. You pay the same amount, on time, at a frequency that suits you, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Find out more about EvenPay® now

E-billing and E-comms, your bills and other communication in your inbox

E-billing and E-comms is a convenient and easy way to receive and maintain copies of your energy bills and other correspondence. We send your bills and other communication to your nominated email address and your bills look exactly the same as you would have received in your letterbox.

Take up E-billing in MyAccount Take up e-billing and e-comms now

Direct Debit

Lots of people like the no-hassle approach to having direct debit with us. Login to MyAccount and set up direct debit or fill in the online direct debit form. Alternatively, you can call our team on 131 806.

Read more Login to MyAccount Online Form

Payment difficulty

Red Energy believes in being fair and going that extra mile for our customers and with our award-winning customer service we are here to lend a hand.


If you are looking after family members, splitting bills with housemates, or you need a bit of extra help with an energy bill, you can try HelpPay.

HelpPay turns your energy bill into a digital link that can be shared virtually on any digital and social platform, making it easier to ask for help from friends and family.

Money received to pay your energy bills is managed directly by BPAY. All money received towards an energy bill will only ever go towards paying that bill, at a cost of $1 per transaction using BPAY details provided.

Go to for more information.

Read more about how we’ll work with you

Concessions and rebates

Concessions and rebates are available to a range of customers that meet a range of eligibility criteria. What’s available varies by State. If you are eligible for a concession login to MyAccount or complete the online form. To find out what’s available and whether you may be eligible, select your State below.

Victoria New South Wales South Australia Queensland Australian Capital Territory

Deceased estate

Red Energy believes in being fair and going that extra mile for our customers and with our award-winning customer service we are here to lend a hand.

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Tariff structure

What is a Tariff? A tariff is the way we charge you for the gas and/or electricity you use. Your tariff is the amount charged for providing energy under your contract. It includes both fixed and consumption charges. In some instances your tariff may have a demand component.

A tariff may vary depending on your electricity and/or gas distributor, if you are a household (residential) or a business and how much energy you use and in some instances, the type of meter you have.

Read more about how you may be charged Read more about Demand tariffs

Our Red Rewards Program will be ending on November 30

If you are a customer on our Living Energy Saver plan you may have received a letter from us about our Red Energy Rewards® program ending on November 30, 2023.

When a benefit like the Red Rewards program ends, we notify our customers. If you are in NSW, QLD, SA or the ACT, we also have a regulatory obligation to show the estimate you will pay for electricity over the next twelve months.

You do not need to take any action. Your current Living Energy Saver plan and rates will stay the same.