Your bill, your choice

When you’re a customer with us, we like to make things as easy as possible for you. That extends to giving you as much control as possible about when and how you’d like to receive your bill and how you’d like to pay. For example:

  • On all of our plans you can choose to get your bill sent to your email or get a physical letter in your mailbox.
  • Lots of people like the no-hassles approach to having direct debit with us.
  • On some of our plans you can choose monthly or quarterly billing cycles too.
  • Working with you if things are getting a bit tight and you may need some help.

With all of the bill payment and frequency options, the choice is yours. You can choose what you’d like now, or at any time in the future and you’re not locked in – so if you wanted to try e-billing or direct debit and decide it’s not right for you, changing back is simple – just contact us.

Understanding your bill

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and that also means our bills.

Quarterly Bill – Concessions Quarterly Bill

Pay online now

Have your bill and credit card details handy? Pay online now.

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Ways to pay

We’re always looking for new ways to make payments easier for you. At the moment we have over half a dozen ways available to pay your bill.

Online. If you’ve got a bill you want to pay now, you can do so above.
Phone. Call 131 806 to pay using an automated service over the phone with your VISA, AMEX or Mastercard.
BPAY and Banking Apps and Online portals. Each of our bills contains information about how to pay using BPAY, and financial institutions have made adding companies like us very easy.
In Person. You can pay in person at Australia Post Offices by cash, EFTPOS or cheque.
Centrepay. To arrange a regular payment through Centrelink please call one of our 100% Australian based customer consultants on 131 806.
Mail. Please make your cheque payable to Red Energy Pty Ltd, PO Box 4136, East Richmond, VIC, 3121.

You’re in control with EvenPay™

EvenPay™ is a great way to help smooth energy bills out over time. Instead of paying larger amounts less frequently, you pay the same amount in more frequent, but smaller, increments – helping to make paying your bill more manageable. We do this by estimating your payments to try and balance them with your estimated annual usage. The rates you pay for electricity and, or, gas, don’t change as a result of choosing EvenPay™.

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E-billing, your bills in your inbox

E-billing is a convenient and easy way to receive and maintain copies of your energy bills. We send the bills to your nominated email address and the bill looks exactly the same as you would have received in your letterbox.

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Direct Debit

Lots of people like the no-hassles approach to having direct debit with us. Fill in the online direct debit form or download and print and send the form, below. Alternatively, you can call our team on 131 806 and request a copy of the form to be sent to you.

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Flexibility and assistance

Red Energy believes in being fair and going that extra mile for our customers and with our award winning customer service we are here to lend a hand.

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Concessions and rebates

Concessions and rebates are available to a range of customers that meet a range of eligibility criteria. What’s available varies by State. To find out what’s available and whether you may be eligible, select your State below.

Victoria New South Wales South Australia Queensland

Peak times and seasonality

How distributors (the networks) and retailers charge varies by State, home address, and what the distributor has chosen to make available to your home. Tariffs are determined by your distributor. The definitions of ‘Peak’, ‘Off Peak’, ‘Summer and Winter’ (as they relate to electricity and gas) differ between different meter types, different network areas and States.

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