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Victoria Electricity Rates – Meter Types

  • Single Rate - Measures against all electricity consumption, does not distinguish between peak or off-peak
  • Two Rate - Electricity consumption is distinguished between peak or off-peak (e.g. electricity hot water and/or slab heating)
  • Time of Use - Electricity consumption is distinguished by time of use i.e. night/weekends (off-peak) or other times (peak)
  • Time of Use 7 (business only) - Same as Time of Use but peak and off-peak times are only distinguished between day (peak) or night (off-peak)

Victoria Electricity Products

  • Living Energy Saver - Connect on a contract with a 2 year Fixed Benefit Period today and get 10% discount on every electricity and gas bill you pay on time.
  • Easy Saver - Connect to our no fixed term contract Easy Saver energy product and get 5% discount on every electricity bill when you pay your bill on time and 3% discount on every gas bill you pay on time.