Frequently Asked Questions: General

What happens when I decide to switch my energy account to Red Energy?

There are a number of things that happen when you switch, but at Red Energy, we'll look after everything for you. Nothing physically changes, so there should be no interruption to your energy supply. We’ll advise your current retailer and the distributor that from your next meter read, Red Energy will be your retailer (billing company). Your meter will still be read by your distributor but you'll notice a change in your bill. Your bills will now come from Red Energy.

I want to see everything in writing before making the switch to Red Energy

When you agree to switch to Red Energy over the phone, we’ll send you a Welcome Pack which includes a Product and Pricing Schedule outlining your new rates, an information brochure and our Customer Charter. You'll then have a 10 day ‘cooling off’ period. If you don’t advise us that you want to cancel during this time, we’ll then arrange the switch. If you have any enquiries, either email us at or call us on 131 806 and someone from the team will be at your service.

Does Red Energy supply natural gas?

Yes, Red Energy supplies gas to customers throughout Victoria and in the Jemena gas network area in New South Wales.

What happens to my billing cycle?

Nothing – after your next meter read you’ll get a final bill from your existing retailer. From then on your bills will come from Red Energy. Your billing and meter reading cycles do not change.

Who owns Red Energy?

Red Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited. For more information click here

Will there be a change to the way my meter is read?

There will be no changes to the way your meter is read. In Victoria, your electricity meter will be read quarterly and gas meter bi-monthly. In New South Wales, both electricity and gas meters are read quarterly. In South Australia, electricity meters are read quarterly.

Where is Red Energy based?

Red Energy is based in Melbourne, Victoria.