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    How to Save Energy in Your Apartment

July 2019

Apartment living can often be more economical than living in a standalone house, with maintenance and other costs potentially being lower. Another way to save is possibly through your energy bill.

Ever wondered how you can save money on your gas or electricity bill for your apartment? The good news is that there are plenty of easy things you can do to save whilst also doing your bit for the environment. Let’s take a look.

8 tips to reduce energy consumption in apartments

  1. Lighten up with energy-saving bulbs

    With old light bulbs being phased out in Australia, it’s time to make the switch to energy-saving light bulbs. In fact, switching to new energy-efficient light bulbs is a fast way to reduce your energy bill.

  2. Change your laundry habits

    If your apartment is equipped with a laundry, you could consider investing in a newer, more energy-efficient washing machine and dryer. If you don’t have the budget or inclination to do so, there are still easy things you can do to lighten the load in the laundry. Key things to remember are to only do the washing when you’ve got a full load, unplug the machines when you’re not using them and wash with cold – or at least cooler – water.

  3. Go easy in the bathroom

    There are many ways you can reduce energy consumption in the bathroom – from using less hot water in the shower (hello, timer!) to reducing your reliance on gadgets like electric razors,electric toothbrushes and hair straighteners

  4. Switch off standby power

    Did you know that standby power has an impact on your energy bill? It’s easy to reduce your standby power energy consumption by switching things off at the wall when you’re not using them and making a few changes to your habits.

  5. Look in the fridge

    Your refrigerator could be the most energy-guzzling appliance in your kitchen – particularly if it’s an older model. If you’re serious about energy savings, then you may want to consider investing in a newer model with a higher energy rating. There are also things you can do to make sure your current fridge is running more efficiently, such as setting your fridge between 3°-5°C and your freezer between 15°-18°C.

  6. Elsewhere in the kitchen

    The energy cost of cooking can creep up over $1,000 per year in some homes1. You could make changes to how you cook to help lower this figure. For example, a toaster can use less energy than an oven grill.

  7. Lower (or raise) the thermostat

    To minimise the cost of heating or cooling your apartment, raise the thermostat on your air conditioner in summer and lower it in winter. Ideally, it should be set between 24-26°C in summer and 18-20°C in winter. Wear another layer in winter or get a fan going in summer to make things more comfortable.

  8. Hang window coverings

    Without eaves to protect them, the sun can beat through apartment windows. Hang curtains or blinds to reflect the sun and keep the heat out during summer; in winter, open them so that precious rays warm up your apartment.

The final word

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the energy load in your apartment. From swapping out light bulbs to changing your habits in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, you can use the tips above to use less energy and reduce your annual bill.

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