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    Save Money With Business Energy Saving Tips

February 2018

Learn how to reduce your energy consumption in the workplace and save on business energy bills.

Running a business can be a complex - and expensive - venture. On one hand you have to juggle your prices to remain competitive. On the other hand you need to invest in technology to get the job done as fast and economically as possible. Add to that the costs of facility rental, raw materials, equipment, salaries, and benefits, and you may be wondering how you can save some money.

Considering energy costs for businesses

Have you ever noticed how many businesses leave their fluorescent lights on even after closing for the night or weekend? Some may have good reason for it, such as leaving lights on for cleaning staff. In some companies, lights may simply be left on because nobody thinks to switch them off which can increase the electricity cost for a business significantly.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you save energy in the office, with many applicable to home-businesses as well. Not only should implementing these ideas save money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint, but it should in turn make your building more sustainable. Here’s how you can turn the spotlight on business energy savings:

  • Conduct an energy, waste, and water assessment to identify areas for improvement.
  • Try to utilise as much natural light as possible by painting and decorating your offices in light colours, and opening the blinds to let the sunlight in.1
  • If possible, open windows instead of using the air conditioner.
  • When installing ambient lighting, opt for omni-directional lamps, downlights, light fittings or lamp shades that let as much light through as possible.
  • Replace tungsten halogen spotlights with energy-efficient lighting, such as LED spotlights. If you need to have the lights on 24/7, opt for LED strip lamps. LED lamps use up to 75% less energy than old halogens2 and both LED and CFL lamps should last four to ten times longer.3
  • Place "turn off the light" stickers in rooms that are not occupied at all times, or install light-level sensors, motion sensors, and timers on lights in common rooms. Automatic controls can help you realise significant energy savings.4
  • Label light switches to avoid people switching on every light to find the one they actually want.
  • Switch off all your office machines at night.
  • Use the power save modes on the printers and photocopiers. Not only will it save a little bit of energy, but the equipment will likely last a bit longer too. Fax-to-email means that you save the energy you would otherwise use to print the document - and perhaps you could even retire the fax machine.5
  • Switch to laptops instead of desktop computers, as laptops typically consume less power and is more portable.6
  • Instead of screensavers, set your monitors to turn off after twenty minutes of inactivity.

For best results, it may be a good idea to involve everyone who uses the building in your energy-efficient activities.

The final word

Office equipment, lighting, and computers make up the largest part of your energy consumption. However, using our tips can save energy and money, while reducing wastage and your impact on the environment. Running a business doesn’t have to eat into your profits - save money and energy now.

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