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    Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

September 2018

Before you unpack boxes and arrange the furniture, give your new home a thorough scrubbing to remove any residue dirt and grime left by the previous residents.

Got the keys to your new place? Congratulations! Moving into a new home is an exciting time … until you find mould and grime in the bathroom and a small forest in the gutters.

Cleaning a house before you move out is always the right thing to do, however some people’s standards of cleanliness are not quite up to others. So pause on the move-in celebrations and give yourself half a day or more to get your new home as spic-and-span as you’d like it before moving in properly.

Why should you clean before moving in?

Moving home can be a fresh start. What better way to kick it off than by getting rid of any last traces of former inhabitants’ grime and germs? Here are our top reasons to pause on the unpacking and fast-forward the cleaning:

  • Get to know the home
    ‘move-in clean’ is a great opportunity to get to know all the quirks of your new home before they get covered up by furniture, rugs and everyday stuff. As you move around each room with soft cloth (or scrubbing brush) in hand, you can check everything from light switches to door handles and window fasteners. Look for holes in walls from hooks or screws. If anything’s out of place or not working correctly, you can add it to the list of quick fixes to do before you get too settled.

  • Get rid of other people’s germs
    Particularly in the bathrooms and kitchen, even if it looks like the last residents cleaned before they left, it’s a good idea to do it yourself, too. Use cleaning products and disinfectants to make sure that every surface is germ-free.

  • Clean out cupboards and drawers
    Make sure the drawers and cupboards are completely clean and dust-free before you fill them.

How to properly clean before moving in

The best way to give your new home a thorough clean is to tackle it methodically, room by room. Here’s a guide to the main things you should look for:


  • Stove and range hood – elements may need soaking and scrubbing
  • Oven – this may need some work with an oven-cleaner
  • All appliances – if you can, clean behind and under appliances like ovens and microwaves, as a lifetime of dust and dirt may have collected in these dark places
  • Cupboards and drawers – even into the darkest corners, all traces of dust, dirt, crumbs and grime should be removed
  • Walls and splashbacks – wiped clean
  • Floor – mopped clean


  • Toilet – some people like to replace the toilet seat and cover, a relatively inexpensive way to start afresh. Either way, scrub the toilet inside and out with disinfectant.
  • Shower and bath – use elbow grease and a soap scum remover to get rid of any residue mould or scum, particularly in the corners, on grout and around the taps
  • Cupboards and drawers – wipe these out thoroughly
  • Walls – wiped clean
  • Floor – mopped clean

Living areas, bedrooms

  • Walls – wiped clean, and look for any holes left by picture screws
  • Light fittings and fans – give these a wipe or dust
  • Shelves and other surfaces – dust with a microfiber towel
  • Floor – vacuum thoroughly and, depending on the surface, a mop too

If you have the time and energy, make sure the garage is spic and span. You might want to do a lap around the outside of the house, too, checking for cobwebs, cracks and any other things that need attention (you can tackle these jobs once you’ve unpacked a few boxes!).

The final word

Giving your new home a thorough clean before you start unpacking is a great idea. It gives you the reassurance that important areas like the kitchen and bathroom are germ-free; and it helps familiarise yourself with the home’s features, fixtures and fittings.

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