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    How to Make Moving House Less Stressful

February 2018

Stay on track to make your move a stress-free experience

No matter whether you are upgrading or downsizing your home, you have to spend many days, weeks or even months packing your belongings to move them to your new house. Move day is probably the most stressful part of the whole process, so we have put together some tips to help make your experience as painless as possible.

Why is moving so stressful?


Moving can be costly. There are expenses associated with the physical moving of your possessions. This includes hiring a truck, hiring professional movers, fuel, and packing materials. This cost is still high if you go at it alone. Along with these moving costs, there are other indirect fees. If you’re moving to a new rental, you may have to pay a bond as well as the first month rent up front. Alternatively, if you’ve just bought your own property, you will need to account for settlement fees and property taxes.

Emotional Strain

Change is as good as a holiday, but holidays can be stressful, and so can this change. Even if you are moving locally, you need to adjust to your new house, surroundings, and neighbours. Longer distance relocations add a greater challenge. You have memories, experiences, and friends associated with your current home. It is hard to let go of this familiarity and leap into the unknown. If your move is based on a job change or relationship, there are those emotions to deal with on top of the stress of the move.


Even if you plan every detail of your move, there will normally still be a few minor hiccups. There are many moving parts involved in a move which makes it almost impossible for everything to go smoothly. The removalist is late, you lose a box, or you run out of packaging tape. None of these are a complete disaster, but they will likely annoy you and cause you stress.

For those who deal with bigger problems, the nuisance is much worse. The truck breaks down or something gets broken. Neither of these will derail your move, but they can impact your schedule and affect your overall experience.

Time Consuming

Moving requires time and planning. Even if you are only moving from a one room apartment, there are many details to sort out. You have to find a moving company or arrange a truck to use, buy moving materials, pack, clean, and do the move itself. Even worse is finding that you have not budgeted enough time and have to stay up through the night on the last few days before the move.

What can you do to minimise stress during a move?

Despite moving being so stressful, there are some things you can do to minimise the stress of your move, including:

  • Clear your schedule
  • Declutter as you pack
  • Make sure you have plenty of snacks and water
  • Pack everything before the movers arrive
  • Have plenty of packing supplies available
  • Start packing well in advance
  • Pack an overnight bag with essentials
  • Deal with problems as soon as they arise
  • Be flexible
  • Don’t give in to nostalgia
  • Make it fun (play music, have friends over)
  • Schedule a cleaner beforehand
  • Keep cash available for unforeseen costs

Top tips for reducing stress on kids and pets during a move

Moving with young children and pets is stressful as they are unsure of what is happening. Cats, in particular, can experience high anxiety during a move. Use the following tips to help reduce the stress on your little ones and fur-family:

Moving tips for children:

  • Discuss why you are moving
  • Talk through your child’s fears and anxieties
  • Involve your child in the packing process and make it a fun game
  • Create a routine for your child to follow
  • Enlist the help of your friends and family to babysit on move day
  • Get back to your old routine as soon as you have moved

Moving tips for pets:

  • Acclimate your pet to a crate and car in the months before your move
  • Keep your pet in one room on move day
  • Introduce their new home slowly
  • Do not force your pet into spaces before they are ready – let them explore

The final word

Moving doesn’t have to give you grey hairs. By preparing properly and giving yourself adequate time, you may be able to make your move a more pleasant experience. By following these tips, you can curb your moving home stress.

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