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    Who to Notify When You Move House

February 2018

Don’t miss out on important information and bills. Find out who you need to notify when you move house.

Before you make a move to a new house, you need to inform service providers. Update your details and address before you move to avoid major problems such as overdue bills, lapses in service, and identity theft.

Who should you advise when moving house?

Keep track of your incoming mail to see who you need to notify. Of course, this will differ from person to person, but these are the important ones:

  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks and financial institutes
  • Utilities providers
  • Private Insurance companies
  • Medicare
  • Australian Electoral commission
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Your doctor and dentist
  • Phone and Internet companies
  • Local Council
  • Educational Institutions
  • Loyalty card providers

When do you need to do it?

Your telephone and internet providers should be contacted first. Tell them when your move day is and ask that your phone and Internet gets installed in your new home the day before or the day of your move.

Banks and financial institutions will also require early notification. Often times, your bank statement is mailed two weeks before you receive it. Avoid your financial information falling into the wrong hands. Notify your bank and financial institutions of your new address before your move.

In order for your insurance companies to accurately charge you the correct amount for your insurance, they need to assess your new home. Inform them of your move in the weeks leading up to your move day so they can carry out the assessment and make the changes to your account.

Your local council at both your old and new home will need to be notified of the change 14 days before your move.1

How do you notify utilities and other services?

By visiting this government website, you can:

  • Change your address
  • Inform your local council
  • Inform your local Roads authority

Certain service providers will require that you send the change of address in writing in a letter through the post. With others, an email will suffice. Most service providers prefer phone calls. This is a convenient and quick way to change your details. Most providers record their calls too, which means they can go back in their records if they need to. Ensure that you call them a few days after you notify them to check that the change has been made.

A list of everyone you should notify

Use this checklist to make sure that you notify all of the important parties about your upcoming move.

  • The post office – This can be done by visiting your local branch or filling out the online form with your mail forwarding details.
  • Australian Taxation Office – Visit their website to change your address.
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks and financial institutions – This can be done by visiting your local branch or financial manager. Remember to update your retirement fund and investment account too.
  • Loyalty programs – If you have any loyalty or rewards programs linked to your credit card, be sure to change these too.
  • Utility providers – Call ahead to arrange utilities at your new home if you are moving locally. If you are moving out of state, call to cancel your utilities. Be sure to call utility providers in your new location.
  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Doctor and dentist – If you are moving out of town, call your doctor and dentist and ask for your medical files to be transferred to your new physicians.
  • Government agencies – If you have benefits through any government agency, make sure you notify them of your new address prior to your move.
  • Phone and Internet providers – Discontinue service at your old home and schedule installation at your new home for the day before or day of your move.
  • Mobile provider
  • Social clubs (golf, tennis, gyms)
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Organizations
  • Schools and education facilities – ask that all progress reports be forwarded to the institutions that you or your children will be attending

The final word

Changing your address is a vital part of moving house. It is how your service providers and financial institutions send you important notices and bills. It is also important to change your address to ensure that identity theft is avoided. Although it does take time to change your address with the various parties, it is an important step in the moving process.

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