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    What is an NMI Number?

July 2019

Ever wondered what NMI stands for on your electricity bill? Or, what it’s there for? Let’s unpack the NMI number so you can talk the energy talk with more confidence.

An NMI number is found on every electricity meter around Australia and should be on the first or second page of your electricity bill – at Red Energy, it’s on the second page of your bill in the ‘Current Transactions’ box, we’ve provided an example below.

So what is it? What does it stand for and why do we need it?

Meet the National Metering Identifier

NMI stands for National Metering Identifier. If you think about these three words, it’s a little clearer what these 10 and 11-digit NMI numbers are for.

NMIs are Australia’s system for identifying all those millions of electricity meters (and other electricity connections like street lights and CCTV cameras) at homes and businesses around the country.

They are issued by local network service providers (the companies responsible for distributing electricity, the ‘poles and wires’) to the energy retailers (like Red Energy), to help them identify and manage connections.

Think of your NMI like a serial number or ID for your home’s electricity meter. Around Australia, no two NMIs are the same and they differ slightly in each state. For example in Queensland they usually start with QB however in VIC it always starts with the digit 6.

Here is an example of where you would find the NMI on a Red Energy bill: Electricity bill with NMI number highlighted

When would I need my NMI?

Here are some of the times that you may need your NMI:

  • When connecting electricity at your home, whilst it’s not mandatory, it can help to give your NMI to your electricity retailer. This ensures the electricity is connected at the right property and ready for you when you move in.
  • If you are installing an electricity meter at a newly built property, you’ll need to be issued with an NMI. Your electrician can’t connect the meter without one.
  • If your electrician needs to do work on your existing electricity meter, they may need to include your NMI on paperwork that’s submitted to the local network provider.

Will my NMI ever change?

If you move home and start using a different meter, then your NMI will change. Some of the other times that it could change, even if you’re staying in the same location, include:

  • If you upgrade the meter on your property
  • If you knock down and rebuild on your property
  • If you’re changing to a high voltage connection (this wouldn’t usually apply on a residential property)

But generally, even if you switch retailers, your NMI will stay the same. This is because your local network service provider issues the number, not the retailer.

The final word

NMIs are unique serial numbers that are given to every electricity connection point in Australia. In most homes, this connection point is your electricity meter. Use your NMI when you need to make changes to your current meter or you want to have your electricity connected.

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