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Smart Meter Bill Display

Smart meters are currently being installed in every home and business in Victoria. They are designed to give customers and energy companies more detailed and accurate information about household energy consumption.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the display of the ‘Remote Meter Index Read’ that will be on your electricity bill if you have a smart meter installed at your property.

Why has my bill changed?

In September 2010 the Essential Services Commission (ESC) completed a review of energy regulations and smart meters. The decision of this review was that all energy retailers had to display the total accumulated consumption reading corresponding to the end of each billing period. Red Energy has met these new requirements by changing the current bill display format.

What is the meaning of each column in the Remote Meter Read Index on my bill?

The Remote Meter Index Read is on the back page of your electricity bill and will look like the below image:

Smart Meters Remote Meter Index Read
Smart Meters Remote Meter Index Read
  1. Meter:Register – This is the meter number of your smart meter and the register id which records your electricity usage.
  2. Index Read – (Also known as ‘total accumulated energy usage reading’) This is a physical reading on the smart meter, which is a total of the consumption each register has recorded from the beginning of that meter’s installation. This read is indicative only and is not used to calculate your electricity charges.
  3. Date / Time – The date and time that the remote meter read index was taken will generally align with the end of your billing period. However this may not always be the case.
  4. Multiplier – is a calculation factor applied against your electricity readings.

Are index readings used to calculate my bills?

The index reading is a useful tool however it is not used to calculate your electricity bills. It is generally used as a guide only. For smart meters, the main purpose of the index read is that it records the total accumulated energy usage for a given meter register since its installation.

Will the index reading displayed on my bills match what is recorded on my meter?

Not necessarily. The index read is an accumulation of the total consumption between any billing period and is inclusive of all meter registers. The index read could help you check the validity of your bills by comparing it to the physical number that appears on your meter. Generally, the index reading will be lower than the total consumption recorded on your meter.

Can I still request a copy of my billing history?

Yes. The rules surrounding the provision of historical billing data have not changed. On request Red Energy can provide you with a copy of your interval meter read data.

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