We’re serious about making a difference for our customers, communities and the environments we operate in.

Snowy Hydro Ltd, one of Australia’s largest generators of renewable energy.and owners of Red Energy and Lumo Energy

Our renewable matching promise

We offer our customers a renewable matching promise on our Red Taronga Flex, Red Wildlife Saver, and Red EV Saver Plans. This means that for every unit of electricity you buy from Red Energy, Snowy Hydro Ltd will match it by generating one unit of electricity from a renewable source.

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Green Power at Red Energy

Choose 100% GreenPower

You can play a role in helping reduce Australia’s carbon emissions by purchasing 100% accredited GreenPower products for residential and small business customers, which comes from government accredited new renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar and waste.

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Our commitment to renewable energy

Free electricity usage to charge your electric vehicle

We provide a free electricity use period between 12 noon and 2pm every Saturday and Sunday with free electricity usage charges on the Red EV Saver plan. Charge your vehicle while knowing that your energy is supported by our renewable matching promise.

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Red Energy renewable energy solutions include GreenPower

Solar, done right

If you have solar panels, you can receive a credit for the excess electricity your solar PV system generates and exports to the power grid.

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Red Energy powers Taronga Zoo Sydney with renewable energy

Carbon neutral gas

If you’re a gas customer, you can opt-in to our carbon neutral gas product certified by Climate Active. This is charged as an additional rate to your standard gas usage charges.

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Red Energy Support

We’re here when you need us

At Red, we know life is full of ups and downs, so we’ve got you covered with energy saving tips and moving tricks.

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