Home Renewable Generation

Generating, storing and using your own energy is becoming a reality for more Australians. It's an exciting prospect for many, and one that requires a lot of research and experts to help make the most of your energy generation potential. Often seen as a great way to protect against energy bill shocks there are plenty of additional upsides including reduce reliance on what is often fairly carbon-intensive energy production.

We're helping customers find the right answers for important questions such as:

  • Whether their home can accomodate a solar or home battery storage solution
  • Whether they should start with solar only or a complete solar and battery solution
  • If their existing solar panels are ready to add a home storage battery
  • When to use the solar energy being generated and whether they should use it then, store it for later, or feed it in to the network.

If you have questions of your own, read on below or request a no obligation free consultation with one of our friendly staff.

Home Solar

We’re proud to offer solar PV solutions, to help you save on energy bills, generate clean, renewable energy, and reduce your reliance on the electricity grid. All our solar options include:

  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface to reduce power loss
  • Outstanding performance in low–light irradiance environments
  • Up to 12 year product warranty
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Home Battery Storage

It’s never been easier or a better time to do more with your existing PV solar panels. Now you can link your solar system to a battery, to help power your home when the sun goes down.

We’ve partnered with Panasonic, and are proud to be one of the first retailers to be offering Australian households the ability to install and connect a lithium-ion home battery. With a home battery storage solution you can:

  • Use the energy your solar panels make during the day, in the evening
  • Power a small appliance during a blackout with the included AC adaptor
  • Reduce your reliance on the grid
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Home Solar and Battery Storage

It’s an exciting time to choose a clean energy home solution that suits you best. We have tailored solar and battery solutions to help you generate and store energy in your own home.

  • Lower your energy consumption from the grid
  • Make a positive impact on the environment
  • Be one of the first Australians to store the energy generated by your solar panels in a lithium-ion battery
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