What Greenpower is

GreenPower is a national, co-operative and territory government program that was commissioned to increase Australia’s production of new environmentally friendly renewable energy. The people behind GreenPower are representatives of several state government agencies and departments plus a number of non- financial members.

Government accredited GreenPower is electricity which comes from new renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar and waste. To get the accreditation these sources must have been built after 1997 and meet strict environmental standards. An accredited GreenPower product will always have the ‘tick’ label and indicate the percentage of your household electricity consumption that will be purchased by your energy retailer on your behalf. The National GreenPower Accreditation Program is voluntary.

Accredited Greenpower

All electricity generators and retailers have to follow specific protocols to obtain accreditation for GreenPower products. Red Energy has met these requirements set by the National GreenPower Accreditation Program and obtained the ‘tick’ for its 100% GreenPower product. The GreenPower tick logo is your guarantee that your contributions are helping facilitate the installation of new sustainable renewable energy projects in Australia. Also, each financial year the generators and electricity retailers are audited on GreenPower products. The objective of the audit is to determine the level of compliance between participating GreenPower product providers’ GreenPower accredited products and the National GreenPower Accreditation document. These reports are publically available.

Greenpower to your home

The electricity which comes to your house comes from the national electricity grid (Network). The Network is transmitted with a combination of energy sourced from coal fired power stations, renewable energy generators and other forms that cannot be distinguished. We purchase accredited GreenPower on your behalf and feed it into the Network. The way in which the electricity is transmitted to your house remains the same.

Getting Greenpower

Red Energy only offers 100% accredited GreenPower product to residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Currently Greenpower with us costs 5.83c/kWh in GST in addition to your standard Electricity consumption charges.

If you are new to Red Energy you can request Greenpower be added to your account, or select a plan that already includes it.

If you are an existing customer of Red and want to add Greenpower you may have to sign a new agreement with Red Energy. This will depend on your current arrangements with Red Energy. Every one of our 100% Australian based consultants can talk to you about adding Greenpower to your account.

Costs and benefits

Greenpower costs more because conventional large scale power stations enjoy better economies of scale when compared to many new renewable energy generators. The renewable energy industry is evolving and over time it will further develop as more customers choose GreenPower products, which could lead to lowering the costs of renewable energy.

With the advent of global warming which has led to climate change, there is a global debate about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using GreenPower will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Greenpower website

The above information is obtained from GreenPower and other relevant sources. For further information please visit www.greenpower.gov.au