Why consider EvenPay®


EvenPay® can provide a little certainty in these uncertain times with flexible payment options that put you in control. Pay for your energy in installments, interest-free. Pay the same amount, on time, every time with EvenPay®.*

No hidden fees

No hidden fees

No matter how you pay, with a bank direct debit, or your AMEX, Visa or Mastercard, you won't be charged any extra fees.

Set and forget payments

Set and forget payments

We estimate your next 12 months energy usage and you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment arrangements.

No surprises

No surprises

We’ll review your payment arrangement every six months and notify you of any changes.


Getting started with EvenPay® is easy.

Set up EvenPay® in MyAccount or call us on 131 806

Set Up EvenPay®


How to setup EvenPay®

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Step 1

Login or register to MyAccount to set up EvenPay®, it takes just a few minutes.

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Step 2

Click on “Pay a Fixed Amount” on the right hand side of your dashboard and follow the prompts.

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Step 3

You choose your payment frequency and payment start date, then we’ll customise your payment amount.

No surprises

Step 4

You will receive a confirmation once it is set up


Getting started with EvenPay® is easy.

Set up EvenPay® in MyAccount or call us on 131 806

Set Up EvenPay®


Let us call you back


Our local, award-winning team are here to help you set up EvenPay® or answer any questions you may have. Fill in the form and we will give you a call back.

Ready to chat right now? Call us on 131 806.




How EvenPay® works

Using your most recent bills, we estimate your future energy usage and calculate a fixed amount. Once you’re all set up, you won’t need to do anything and your bills will be paid automatically. When you receive your bill you may notice your payments are a little more or less than the amount due but that’s ok. Your energy usage can fluctuate throughout the year so we will review your usage every 6 months and contact you if your EvenPay® arrangement needs to be adjusted.


You will still receive your electricity or gas bill

Your bills will still be sent out to you, but you don't have to do a thing. EvenPay® will automatically deduct payments according to your agreed payment schedule.


Don’t worry if your payments don’t cover the amount due

Your energy usage fluctuates each month so your payments may be a little more or less than the amount due. We review your energy usage every 6 months and will contact you if your EvenPay® arrangement needs to be adjusted.


You can update your banking details in MyAccount

If things change and you need to update your banking details, you can easily do so 24/7 by logging into MyAccount.


More than one property? That’s ok, you can set them all up in MyAccount

Even if all your properties have different bills and due dates, as long as you’re eligible you can set them up on the same payment option and frequency. Just be sure to set up a new EvenPay® arrangement if you have any new properties.


EvenPay® does not carry over to another property

If you move home, you will need to set up a new EvenPay® arrangement for the new property.


Pay with Centrelink benefits

If you have your concession card registered on your account you can organise to have your EvenPay® payments come out of your Centrelink benefits fortnightly. If you live in South Australia, please set up Centrepay through your Centrelink online account.


The best time to set up EvenPay®

Set up EvenPay® after you have paid your energy bill or when you have a zero balance. You must have been issued with at least one bill before you can set it up.


You can still earn Qantas Points on EvenPay®

If you are on an eligible Qantas Red plan, you can still earn Qantas Points with EvenPay®. Your points will be allocated when you receive an energy bill and not when you make a payment.


Set Up EvenPay®

* EvenPay® is available to eligible Red Energy customers. Customers must have no debt at time of signing up to EvenPay®.
Full EvenPay® terms and conditions are available here.