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Our current solar feed-in tariffs

Eligible customers can be paid a solar feed-in tariff (FiT) with any of our electricity plans. The below table shows the FiT currently offered by Red in each State:

Queensland 16.1 cents for the first 5 kWh per day, 10 cents for the remainder
New South Wales 9.5 cents
South Australia 14.2 cents
Victoria 10.2 cents

All above prices and amounts include GST, where applicable.

If you have an existing feed-in tariff that we are required to carry-over from your existing retailer we will do so.

What is a solar feed-in tariff (FiT)?

A FiT is a credit customers on eligible solar plans receive for excess electricity that their solar system generates and sends back to the power grid. Solar FiTs are credited per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity that is sent to the grid, and appear on electricity bills as a credit.

Changes to solar feed-in tariff

Solar FiTs may change from time to time and we will let you know before a rate change affects you. The reasons for the change to your solar feed-in tariff will differ as a number of factors can impact solar FiT pricing, including actual and projected wholesale costs.

You may receive notice that your solar rates have decreased. This could be because when wholesale costs go down, the value of your solar generation goes down with it. From time to time we may also change your solar FiT to align with the recommended benchmark and minimum FiTs set by independent bodies and Government regulators.

Government rebates and schemes

There are a number of past solar schemes which offer eligible customers a higher solar buy back rate. These schemes often operate in addition to the ‘retailer’ FiT offered by Red. For further details on these schemes click on the links below:

State Solar Scheme
New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme
Victoria Premium Feed-in Tariff
Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme
South Australia Distributor Feed-in Tariff

If you have an existing FiT that we are required to carry-over from your existing retailer we will do so.

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