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Small to medium business

We understand that every business is different and have a range of products to suit your business needs. We can provide you with the energy plan to support your business, even if you run it from home.

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Large business

At Red we understand that having the right energy partner makes all the difference. Backed by Snowy Hydro, our team are experts in tailoring and delivering the right solutions for your specific business needs. No matter how complex.

To discuss your options, or submit a tender, please email [email protected].

Default Charges

For the purposes of the supply of electricity to Commercial and Industrial customers (each a Customer), the Default Charges are

VIC = $194.00/MWh
NSW = $265.00/MWh
ACT = $265.00/MWh
QLD = $257.00/MWh
SA = $238.00/MWh
As of 1st September 2023

These charges may be adjusted from time-to-time without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, the application of the Default Charge will be subject to any applicable contract.

What our customers say

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