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Queensland rebates

The Queensland Government provides several energy rebates to eligible customers.

Electricity Rebate

Queensland pensioners and seniors may be eligible for the Electricity Rebate. Rebates are available to people who hold any of the below:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card (and receive the War Widow/er Pension or special rate TPI Pension)
  • Queensland Seniors Card
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Asylum seeker status (residents will need to provide their ImmiCard details)

To be eligible, the card holder must also live alone or share their principal place of residence with (only) any of the below:

  • their spouse
  • other people who hold a Pensioner Concession Card or Queensland Seniors Card
  • other people wholly dependent on them
  • other people who receive an income support payment from Centrelink, the Family Assistance Office, or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and who do not pay rent
  • other people who live with the card holder to provide care and assistance, and who do not pay rent

If you live in caravan park or multi-unit residential building (e.g. apartment), you must also show that your electricity is paid on the basis of individually metered consumption.

If you are eligible but not currently receiving the above concession please apply online, login and apply with MyAccount, or contact us on 131 806.

For more information, please visit the Queensland Government website.

Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme

The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme helps with electricity costs for people who have a chronic medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis, autonomic system dysfunction, significant burns or a severe inflammatory skin condition, which is aggravated by changes in temperature.

Applications must be made directly to Smart Services Queensland. For more information on how to apply and eligibility, please visit the Queensland Government website.

Electricity life support

The Queensland Government provides an electricity life support concession for eligible people who are seriously ill and use a home-based oxygen concentrator or kidney dialysis machine.

Please contact Red Energy and notify us that there is a life support device at the property. To receive the concession, an application must be made directly to Smart Services Queensland. For more information on how to apply and eligibility, please visit the Queensland Government website.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme:

  • is for low-income households who’ve experienced a short-term financial crisis or unforeseen emergency that has limited their ability to pay their current electricity or reticulated natural gas bills
  • is one-off emergency assistance to help with paying your home energy bills
  • pays up to $720 once every 2 years

Further information is available from the Queensland Government website.

For full eligibility details or to apply please contact Red Energy on 131 806.

Non-Government or Community Assistance

We understand that sometimes we need a little help and not everyone is eligible for government assistance. Non-government or community assistance is generally available through a local community service provider, such as a community welfare organisation or financial counsellor. To locate a help centre near you, please visit National Debt Helpline.

Below is a list of some not for profit organisations you can contact to obtain more information on other assistance available to you.

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