Red Energy Community Saver offer

We’re proud to be involved with Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, and are committed to buying 100% of its electricity output. That’s why we’ve put our energy into an offer that will benefit both you, the wind farm and the Hepburn community.

  • 10% Pay on Time™ discount off your entire electricity bill (not just your energy usage)
  • $12.50 contribution to the Hepburn Wind Community Fund for every bill you pay on time during the two year benefit period^
  • 100% matched renewable energy for Victorian customers^^
  • Red Energy Rewards™ with up to $1500 worth of discounts and benefits that the whole family could use†


Am I directly getting the output from the Hepburn wind farm?

All electricity that is generated in Australia is put into a central pool (national electricity market) which means all customers get electricity supplied to them from a mixture of sources. Red Energy is purchasing 100% of the output of the Hepburn Wind Farm, which is then put in to the central pool.

I’m on a solar plan with my existing energy provider. Can I transfer to Red Energy and retain the premium feed in tariffs?

Yes. You can transfer to Red Energy and retain your premium feed in tariffs if you’re eligible for it.

Will Red still make the $12.50 contribution on my behalf to the Hepburn community fund if my electricity bills are in credit?


Why can’t I get cheaper electricity if I am supporting the Hepburn Wind Farm?

There are a number of factors influencing the price of electricity in the central pool. The energy generated from the Hepburn Wind Farm is put into the energy market along with other forms of generation and retailers like Red Energy buy electricity at the rate set by the market to supply to their energy customers.

Can I upgrade to 100% GreenPower on the Community Saver Plan?

Yes. The GreenPower you purchase is matched to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated from Hepburn Wind. In the event your annual consumption exceeds the number of RECs generated, we will match your remaining consumption to RECS from an alternative accredited GreenPower source.

Will I receive my Pay on Time™ discount on my energy bill if I have solar installed at my property and sign up to the Community Saver offer?

Yes. You will receive 10% Pay on Time™ discount off your entire electricity bill (not just your energy usage).

Can I get my friends and family who live outside of Victoria to sign up to this offer?

At this stage this special offer is only available to customers who live in Victoria.

Does Red Energy have a part to play in this Hepburn Community Fund?

No. Red Energy is contributing to it only.

Things you should know

  • ^ Red Energy will make a contribution to the Hepburn Wind Community Fund of an amount which will be not less than $12.50 for every electricity bill that is paid in full by the due date during the two year benefit period (up to a maximum of $50 each year). Offer available to Victorian customers who sign up to the Community Saver plan during the offer period. Click here for full terms and conditions.
  • ^^ For customers in Victoria we promise that for every unit of electricity bought from Red Energy, Snowy Hydro Limited will match it by generating one unit of electricity from a renewable source.
  • † Full terms of the Red Energy Rewards™ program available here.