Make, store and use your own clean energy

It’s an exciting time to choose a clean energy home solution that suits you best. We have tailored solar and battery solutions to help you generate and store energy in your own home.

  • Lower your energy consumption from the grid
  • Make a positive impact on the environment
  • Be one of the first Australians to store the energy generated by your solar panels in a lithium-ion battery.

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Backed by leading businesses

Our commitment to high quality solutions and customer service has been front-of-mind when sourcing experienced, reliable partners for solar and battery installations:

Solar System Installation. We’ve partnered with a great Australian company who will work with you to design and install a high quality, reliable Solar PV system.

Lithium-Ion Battery. We’ve partnered with Panasonic who have over 80 years’ experience developing battery technology. We’re one of the first companies in Australia to offer lithium-ion batteries for your home.

The benefits of a lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries are found in all sorts of devices – power tools, notebook computers, tablets, mobile phones and electric cars. They have some distinct advantages over wet-cell lead acid batteries, such as:

  • Unlike nickel batteries, re-charging a lithium-Ion battery at any time doesn’t impact how much energy it can continue to store.
  • No regular maintenance required, unlike other battery technology.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries.

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A Complete Solar & Battery Home Solution

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Installed on your roof to convert sunlight into electricity. Every solar panel comes with a minimum 10 year product warranty & 25 year power output warranty.



The Panasonic lithium-ion battery stores excess electricity generated from your solar panels during the day. A Panasonic lithium-ion battery allows you to use its full charged capacity when you need it. The battery stores 5.3kWh of electricity, with a 2kW rate of discharge to help you decrease your reliance on the grid when energy prices may be high. Each Panasonic lithium-ion battery comes with a 10 year product warranty and up to 10 year performance warranty.

Battery tech specs: Panasonic LJ-SK56A

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverters

Inverters convert the power that solar panels generate into electricity that can be stored in your battery or used by your home during the day. Red offers both string inverters linking a series of panels and microinverters that are located behind every individual panel


Energy Monitoring

Talk to us today about how we can help you keep an eye on your solar system usage

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Solar & Battery packages

Solar and Battery packages are tailored to your requirements. Red has three solar packages to choose from to suit your specific needs. Our Panasonic battery can be connected to each of these systems to complete the package. Couple this with Red Energy’s high quality system installation and renowned customer service standards, and you’ll have total peace of mind.

Red Energy’s Standard Solar Range provides reliable components from leading brands.

3kW Solar Panels

Red Energy’s Premium Solar Range is designed for performance with components from high quality brands.

4kW Solar Panels

Red Energy’s Smart Solar Range offers scalable components from high quality brands that deliver superior performance, flexibility and monitoring.

5kW Solar Panels

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