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Red Energy commenced a partnership with Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) in 2015 to lend support to Australians affected by breast cancer.

This collaboration allows us to work at a community level by enabling BCNA to continue to engage with the football community leading on from the first field of women 10 years ago.

Throughout the year and beyond we will continue to support BCNA with their calendar of events which help raise awareness and funds. These events include the Pink Lady launch breakfast, turning the MCG Pink for the Pink Lady Match and the luncheons in Melbourne and Sydney for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

“The Pink Lady Match is a key event on our fundraising calendar and provides an incredibility important platform for Breast Cancer Network Australia to engage with the community and promote our work through a key sporting event with a significant national reach. We could not have achieved the results that we did without Red Energy’s support, and for this we are truly grateful.” Christine Nolan, Chief Executive Officer