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    Your Guide to Saving on Home-Business Energy Bills

February 2018

Saving energy is also saving money. Let’s look at how you can save on your business energy costs.

The number of home-businesses in Australia has almost reached 1 million1 and the number of people having to work from home has skyrocketed in recent weeks due to COVID-19. Implementing efficient energy solutions may be one of the most important steps forward if you are running a home business or home office.

Incorporating energy-efficient technology and appliances in your work space, you may be able to save both money and energy.

If you’re looking at how to reduce your electricity bills, the following business energy saving tips may be just what you need to get started.

Energy use at home

Running your business from home doesn’t have to mean high energy bills. Used correctly, you can limit your energy usage to a minimum without compromising on your productivity or comfort.

First, you will need to understand how much energy you use on a daily basis for both your personal and business purposes. This helps to determine which efficient energy systems will have the best impact.

What you should consider:

You may also want to take a look at your electricity bill to consider the costs involved. There are two different parts to your bill – the fixed cost and the variable cost. The fixed cost is for having the electricity facility to your home. The variable cost is based on your usage.

There are three important steps to take once you have decided to install energy-efficient systems:

  • Information

Once you have decided to take action, look into what your options are. Are you looking for a heating and cooling solution? Would you prefer your appliances to be eco-friendly? Or would you like to get off the grid? Answering these important questions is your first step in deciding which system to install.

  • Organisation

Control your energy usage by knowing how your electricity bill works and what you are being charged. Identify the least efficient appliances around your house. This will help you determine where to start and what system to install.

  • Implementation

Once you have all of your facts and figures, decide on the best system for your needs. Often times, you may need a combination of energy efficient systems to reach the desired effect. Choosing energy saving appliances and implementing energy saving measures may also impact your business in a positive way.

Energy saving tips for business

Australian homes generate 21% of all carbon emissions2. What this means is that each home is making about 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year.

The following energy saving tips could help reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money:

  • Get a solar system installed at your home. This will not only help save energy and money, but it helps the environment too.
  • Switch off all computers, printers, monitors, and lights at the end of the day.
  • Email information rather than using memos and faxed documents.
  • Buy dimming light fixtures which allow you to adjust them based on how much light is needed in a room.
  • Turn off all lights and signs that are not needed for safety or security reasons.
  • Close your curtains or shades in the morning and evening to reduce a rise in temperature in your workspace. This will allow you to save on cooling.
  • Turn off the air conditioner for the last hour of your work day whenever possible.
  • Ensure that your heating and cooling systems are well maintained.

The final word

Running a business from home is no easy feat. It presents many challenges; however, by applying the above tips can help save on energy bills. Reducing your energy usage will save you money, which may help your business to be more profitable.

Despite having a high initial outlay costs, installing energy-efficient systems in your home business may help with saving money if used efficiently.

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