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    Why Did My Energy Company Ask About Life Support?

July 2019

If you or someone you love relies on life support equipment, then it’s important that your energy company knows about it. This way, they can keep you well-informed of any changes to your power supply.

For some people, a continuous supply of power to the home is critical. It may be that you rely on an oxygen concentrator to deliver a steady supply of oxygen, or a kidney dialysis machine to do the important job of filtering blood. You may need a ventilator for life support or some other piece of equipment that helps you, or someone close to you live comfortably at home.

In these circumstances, it’s important to let your energy company know about your situation so they can:

  1. Help distributors prepare for planned outages by updating their records so impacted customers can be informed well in advance
  2. Assist in prioritizing a distributor’s power restoration efforts when an unplanned outage occurs

This is why an energy company will ask you whether you use life support when you first sign up.

Support when you need it

While energy companies can’t guarantee the continuous supply of power to homes in which life support equipment is used, they or your local distributor can proactively inform you of planned outages so you can best prepare for them.

If you’re a Red Energy customer dependent on life support equipment and aren’t sure if we know about it, you can call us on 131 806. We’ll send you a registration form to complete – you’ll need to get your doctor to sign the form, too. Once signed, this needs to be returned to us so we can complete your registration.

Once registered, we or your local distributor will then be able to contact you if there is a planned outage in your area for any reason – so you can put your back-up power plan in place.

Concessions and energy rebates

Life support equipment – which can include extra heating or cooling for some medical conditions – can be power-hungry. To ease the burden when it comes to electricity bills, the government offers a range of rebates for people who rely on specific life support equipment. Usually, you must hold a concession card to be eligible for the rebate, although this does differ by state.

Around Australia, there are different rules for the types of equipment covered and what the rebate entails. Learn more about specific state-based concessions in areas that we service here:

If you or a loved one qualifies for the rebate, you simply need to submit the application form (see state-based pages above). Once this form is processed, we will apply the rebate to your energy bills.

The final word

If you need the power on continuously for life support equipment, then it’s important that your energy provider knows about it. Your provider can also assist you in applying for concessions to help with your energy bills.

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